700 people singing John Lennon · Happy Xmas (War is Over) · Popup Choir

On December 8th, 2022, Popup Choir (Tijmen de Koning and Maarten Bos) joined forces with Dutch broadcaster EO to make a beautiful choir version of Happy Xmas by John Lennon, and to spread the message of peace.

We invited 700 people that never met before (and hadn’t practiced beforehand) in Amsterdam. In just one hour the people learned the harmonies. Then we immediately recorded this version of the amazing song. The result aired on national television on Christmas Day 2022.

Put on your best headphones or turn up your speakers, because it turned out so, so beautiful! Listen for yourself and share with someone that needs to hear this.

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Popup Choir is the best known ‘walk-in’ Choir in the Netherlands. One song, a lot of fun and three part harmonies that leave you mesmerized. Every event, Maarten Bos & Tijmen de Koning teach a beautiful version of a song to a new group of people


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